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Langley, BC  |  800-563-2363

Advanced Bending Technologies (ABT) is a leading provider of roll-formed parts and custom metal fabrication services. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, ABT has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses across a wide range of industries.

ABT's roll forming capabilities allow the company to produce a wide range of complex shapes and profiles. The company's...

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Chilliwack, BC  |  604-795-9491

Clean Energy Compression offers an extensive line of innovative roll forming equipment. We offer every roll forming product from metal moldings to roll formers as a stand-alone unit. All of our products are guaranteed to meet your requirements. We offer the best in customer service.

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Metal Channel

Metal Channel

A wire brush is an abrasive tool that has stiff bristles made from a variety of rigid materials designed to clean and prepare metal surfaces. The filaments of wire brushes are small diameter pieces of inflexible material that...

Metal Moulding

Metal Moulding

Roll forming is a gradual process of bending a flat sheet of metal to obtain a longitudinal and uniform profile by processing it through a set of mated tool dies. The process is carried out until a uniform shape is obtained....

Roll Forming

Roll Forming

Roll forming is a process that uses a set of precisely placed rollers to perform incremental bending to a continuously fed strip of metal. The rollers are mounted in sets on a consecutive stand with each roller...

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