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Roll formed shapes can be made from any alloy, pure metal or composite including steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, magnesium, titanium and zinc. The sheets, coils, rolls or strips may be pre-coated, painted, embossed or bare and are formed at room temperature, which often creates a stronger, more rigid product. Read More…

Roll Formers Roll formers are industrial process machinery composed of multiple sets of rollers that bend and form sheets, strips or rods of metal to produce shaped metal products.
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Leading Manufacturers

Skokie, IL  |  847-965-6700

Our roll forming is among the best in the world. Located in Chicago, Illinois we are able to provide products to the world. We have technicians that are able to work with you in order to come up with the product that you have been searching for.

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Samson Roll Formed Products Company $$$

Berkeley, IL  |  708-449-7050

Johnson Bros. is a leading manufacturer when it comes to roll forming metals, pre-finished and plain. Such as profiles, U-Channels, C-Channels, J-Channels, Hat Channels, Box Channels, Zee Channels, Strut Channels, moldings, and more.

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Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co. $$$

Elkhart, IN  |  800-998-5940

With over 50 years of experience, United Roll Forming specializes in roll forming for a variety of industries. Our products are the result of state-of-the-art machines that provide both quality and efficiency.

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United Roll Forming, Inc. $$$

Louisville, KY  |  502-969-1327

Producing five different standard products, as well as complicated roll forming sections and secondary operations such as notching, punching and fabricating, is Roller Die & Forming Company, Inc.

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Roller Die & Forming Company, Inc. $$$

Ixonia, WI  |  920-261-9650

ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer specializing in custom roll forming. Unique profiles are run in gauges from 0.005" to 0.165" and widths up to 48" on 35 lines. Adding in-line operations may enhance your product.

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M.P. Metal Products, Inc. $$$

Racine, WI  |  262-633-2200

Premier Products of Racine is a full-service company established in 1999 that provides custom roll formed products for applications such as outdoor appliances, tanker trucks, and office furniture.

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Premier Products of Racine, Inc. $$$
placeholder image Samson Roll Formed Products Company Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co. United Roll Forming, Inc. Roller Die & Forming Company, Inc. M.P. Metal Products, Inc. Premier Products of Racine, Inc.

Roll forming is a continuous process, and aside from bending and forming the metal, the machines can be equipped with metal cutting, trimming and punching tools. Roll formers are used to produce many different products for the energy, construction, transportation, medical, highway safety, electronics, retail, material handling and storage industries. The parts and products are usually long, uniform in thickness and profile and are manufactured in large quantities.

Some of these products are aluminum angles, metal rings, steel channels, angle irons and metal wall panels. All of these products can be produced in stock quantities, but custom roll formed products can be created for specialized applications; roll formers are highly customizable, though roller placement requires attention from a trained professional.

The roll forming process begins when metal material is fed into the machine's entry section. Each set of rollers, bends the metal a little more than the previous set until the shape has taken its form. Anywhere from 30 to 600 feet of metal can be processed per minute. After the metal has been rolled and shaped, it can be transferred to a cut-off press, where it is cut to pre-determined lengths.

If needed, some machines are equipped with punching tools that create holes in the product. The newly-formed products are ejected from the roll former onto a conveyor system from which they are manually removed. Modern roll formers are controlled by computers, allowing much more design complexity, less human error and a tight, uniform design tolerance, ensuring each roll-formed product will be exactly the same.

Control computers often can detect mistakes and product imperfection; they can also be equipped with self-diagnostic tools that report when repairs or mechanical adjustments are necessary. Because roll forming causes changes to the surface properties of a metal, roll formed metals often require little to no surface post-processing. Because roll formers are a cold forming process, they are generally very energy efficient. This makes them an appealing alternative to energy-intensive processes like extrusion.

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